Property management
trust compliance reviews

for regulators

We have expertise with these property management softwares

Trust Account Audits for regulators

Discovery, fact finding, property management software expertise and accountants so you don't have to build the capabilities in-house.


How we work

We have property management software experts who know where to find the skeletons in the closets.

Communication & Coordination

We'll handle all communication with the property management target from initial outreach to setting deadlines and enforcing them.

Discovery & Fact Finding

We know exactly what reports to request, how to customize/filter them and when to call time due to delay tactics specific to each property management software.

Facts & Recommendations

A final report and delivery of all materials so your real estate commission can efficiently decide what actions to take before more harm is caused.


Transparently priced so there’s no reason not to work with us.



~3-5 hours per review on average

Automated and manual reporting options

Evidence based facts and conclusions

Record of all communication and files

Recommendations on corrective actions

Let's clean up the property management industry together.

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