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Louisiana Real Estate Commission
+ Triple Tied Out

In the world of property management, financial transparency and accountability are essential. At Triple Tied Out, we specialize in equipping regulators with the tools and capabilities required to hold property managers accountable on a broader scale. Our technology-driven precision and unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance serve as the cornerstone for conducting successful audits of property management firms.

Dive into this case study with LREC Commissioner, Matt Ritchie, to see how Triple Tied Out's solutions have made it easier for state regulators to check up on property managers' trust accounts and financials.

The Problem

Prior to working with Triple Tied Out, we weren't able to efficiently and expediently follow up on property management and rental related complaints filed by landlords or renters. These grievances often went unresolved for extended periods, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction among the public.

Hours Saved Per Audit
What used to take an investigator 60+ hours, now takes zero because Triple Tied Out takes care of all discovery, fact finding, and evidence management.

The Solution

By contracting with Triple Tied Out, we've been able to optimize our complaint response & management process. Now, when complaints are filed by landlords or consumers, we can swiftly and comprehensively follow up on each case. This efficiency allows us to not only acknowledge complaints promptly but also investigate and resolve them in a more timely manner.

As a result, we've significantly improved our response times, which has enhanced our reputation for responsiveness and accountability. This shift has translated into stronger relationships with landlords and renters, who now experience a more efficient and effective resolution of their concerns. Ultimately, working with Triple Tied Out has not only resolved our previous inefficiencies but has also fostered a more transparent, reliable, and satisfying experience for all parties involved in the property management and rental economy.

Working with Triple Tied Out is like having an all-star investigative team on our bench - they are ready whenever we need them but also happy to standby when we don't.

Summer Mire

Executive Director, LREC

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